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Cours Brillier CS 700
38200 Vienne
Pipet Belvedere

Pipet Belvedere

The Pipet Belvedere is an impressive viewpoint looking out over the city of Vienne with the majestic River Rhone in the background, flowing below the hills with their famous vineyards.
Enjoying a special place in the Vienne landscape on the steep Pipet hillside, the site was first developed in Roman times. It has played a part in the transformations of the town, first housing a holy sanctuary, a fortress and today's chapel.

In Roman times, a platform measuring over 120 m in length was considered as a holy area with temples and statues of gods. It formed a cultural space with architectural links to the theatre. The theatre terraces were built against the outcrop of the rock below. The importance of the masonry work supporting the esplanade can still be seen in Montée Saint-Marcel and Rue de la Gère.

The Pipet fortress was once a possession of the kings of Burgundy. It was given to the Church of Vienne in 1023. The fortress was often the scene of power struggles. Its commanding location made it highly fought over down the ages.
A decree of January 1633 concerning the castles and fortresses in the Dauphiné led to the destruction of the Pipet fortifications, despite the protests of the Vienne canons who had owned them since the 13th century.

In the 19th century, the inhabitants of Vienne wanted to dedicate a landmark to the Virgin Mary. A brick tower crowned with a Volvic stone statue was first built (1857-1858), then a pilgrimage chapel was constructed in honour of Our Lady of La Salette in 1873.

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rue Pipet
38200 Vienne
Lat : 45.525627Lng : 4.880625
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