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Place de la gare
4650 Herve
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Saint Hadelin: Lehen und Kirche

Saint Hadelin: Lehen und Kirche

Located on the rocky spur, the Saint Hadelin dominates the Magne valley, which winds through the meadows. The mono nave place of worship was built from sandstone in 1676 then extended in 1830. A former fief of Stavelot abbey, this tiny area of land, with a dozen or so houses grouped around the church and the presbytery, became part of Olne around about 1700. An age-old lime tree is known as a nail tree, which is hailed for its medicinal and matrimonial properties.The old court house and the rectory are remarkable architectural elements from an array of historical buildings.

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Au Chateau De Saint Hadelin
4877 Olne
Lat : 50.5937Lng : 5.7249
2 years