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Monterfil Gallo-Roman commercial district

Monterfil Gallo-Roman commercial district

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Cross and go on the Mairie parvis. On the left, the Jardin des Antiques offers a perspective on the ancient Roman road and Monterfil Gallo-Roman commercial district.
A Gallo-Roman city is also an important economic power and with its 5,000 inhabitants meant, for this eran an enormous market.
The food products are, for a large part, from the surrounding countryside, and by faraway imports from Italy or Spain such as wine, oil... Some crafted goods are also made here, but a lot of them come from trading with other Gaulish cities or farther away regions of the Empire.
All the discovered objetcs found through search testify to this intense economical life in which currency was the necessary medium of exchange for transactions.
The most important road of the Ancient city crosses the district from west to east ends in the forum. It is lined, north, by a great commercial building with activities and warehouse, caracterised by an imposing portal and, south, by three buildings housing shops, a meeting place (private basilica) and, at the back, the shopkeepers and craftmen's houses. Go down the steps and close your eyes, imagine yourself as a character from the Ancient times walking down this street full of shops and noises.
If you stop now, the itinerary is 2km long, the Coriosolites' sanctuary, called Temps de Mars (Mars Temple) is accessible by car.

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5 Rue du Temple de Mars
22130 Corseul
Lat : 48.4812Lng : -2.1671
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