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Saint-Pierre Church and Siligia Stela

Saint-Pierre Church and Siligia Stela

Credit : OT CEVA

Once in Rue de l'Arguenon, turn left, then right in Rue du Montafilan, 1st on the left and then again left to the church. The entry to the church is on the parking lot side (public lavatory).

According to Roman Law, it is forbiden, for hygiens reasons as well as for the sacred nature of the urban territory, to bury people inside the cities. Necropolis to bury or incinerate, "out of the walls", had funerary monuments (mausoleums, stelae). Inside the church, at the basis of a pillar on the south side of the church, one can find a stela erected, to his mother's memory, by a Roman citizen. This Carthaginian woman, Siligia Namgidde, left her country to be with her son in the Coriosolites' city. She died there, age 65.

Technical information

4-10 Rue du Val Guillaume
22130 Corseul
Lat : 48.4809Lng : -2.16827
0 m
7 years