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Village Amou vu du ciel
eglise Amou
Le Luy Amou

Visite du village d'Amou

charming community with population of 1500. Leadng village of the distinct with a reward for it's floral displays and green friendly holiday area. It's name comes from "Mor".
As you cross the village you will notice the snaking streets between the ancient buildings where you will see the dates they were built cut out on the eaves of the roofs. The sculpted, nailed doors, alternating with open porches into the courtyards and gardens with varied species and delightful flowers. Disover the history of church, castle, arena...

Technical information

28 rue Saint Pierre
40330 AMOU
Lat : 43.5924542Lng : -0.7476749
0 m
7 d

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Fixed telephone : +33 5 58 89 02 25
e-mail :
Web site (URL) :
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Type de site

Town, village and district

Infos sur la visite

Type de la visite guidée : with a Regional Storyteller
Conditions de visite : Unaccompanied tours
Conditions de visite : Guided tour by appointment only
Durée moyenne de la visite individuelle : 60

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