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Roofs of Morestel
Roofs of Morestel
Roofs of Morestel

Roofs of Morestel

The so-called Dauphiné roofs reach remarkable heights (often beyond the height of the walls). Their distnguishing feature is their very steep, 4-slope frame covered with flat fish-scale tiles.
The slightly upturned eaves slow down the fall of snow from the roof slope and protect the walls from the flow of rainwater.

In Morestel, we can also observe a few mansard roofs like the one of the Maison Ravier. In our region, these often have 4 slopes, are covered with flat, fish-scale tiles, and allow the attic to be converted into a living area.

The rounded Swabian-style roof, like the one that covers the Town Hall, has the appearance of an upside-down boat hull and the advantage of maximising the attic space.

A few roofs with sawtooth gables* (also known as stepped gables or crow-step gables), like the one on the house located below the terraces of the Maison Ravier, are typical features of the rural architecture of Bas-Dauphiné and certain villages of the Bugey region.

*A double row of stone slabs placed in a stepped design on each of the roof gables. The purpose of these slabs, sometimes called "mantels", is to protect the wall beneath from both dampness and fire (at the time of thatched roofs). For this reason, they generally overhang on either side. A flint in the shape of a sugarloaf, known as a "charveyron" stands at the top of the gable, adding an unusual, picturesque touch to the overall buliding.

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