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Grotte du Maquisard 1
La grotte des résistants...
zoom cavité intérieure

"La Baoumasse" or the Resistants' Cave

Credit : PNR des Grands Causses

The Resistants’ cave (or Maquisards’ cave) is a natural cavity located on the edge of the plateau. Also called “La Baoumasse” or “Jas méjié” in the 17th century, it was used as summer sheepfold for the herds of La Bastide…Here, there is a story that is passed on from generation to generation :“Once upon a time, a mouse asked a swallow for hospitality. The swallow had built its nest in the cave of La Bastide and was sitting on its eggs.The swallow agreed on condition that the mouse hatched in its place for 3 days. The mouse did the job, and then it left.These were the little hatches, but they were covered with hairs instead of feathers and they had the head and the body of a mouse, with ears and crooked wings like the devil.The swallow died of grief. After her funeral, the queen of the swallows had the orphans locked in the cavity and forbade them to go out in the sunlight on pain of death.That's why bats should not be disturbed during the day."

Technical information

Lat : 43.9872Lng : 3.06019
793 m
23 d