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The Faber Mill Museum
The Faber Mill Museum
The Faber Mill Museum

The Faber Mill Museum

This water mill from 1729 really takes you back to times gone by! It was built alongside a watercourse, the second tributary of the Ourthe, that created an island (the island of Oneux) in the heart of the town. It used to be the town mill and all the inhabitants were under the obligation to resort to this mill (that belonged to the lord of the fiefdom) to have their corn ground. With this came a second obligation; that of paying a tax, called “multure” that was proportional to the quantity of grain or corn.

The mill functioned up to the 1960’s and bears the name of its last owner, Mister Lucien Faber, who wished to open the mill to the public. In 1989, the mill was acquired by the Hotton council.

Inside the mill, spread out over 4 floors, you can admire the ingeniousness displayed by the millers in times gone by : the machinery, the millstones, the bolter, the granary…Outside, you can admire the two wheels that are driven by a tributary of the Ourthe…

You can visit the mill upon prior request ; please contact the Hotton Tourist Information Office.

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Technical information

35 Rue Haute
6990 Hotton
Lat : 50.267735Lng : 5.4517937
179 m
1 year