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Château Barrabino, Avenue Saint Rémy



This castle which crowns the Schlossberg is first mentioned in 1257 in a deed of gift in favour of the Collégiale Saint-Étienne in Hombourg-Haut. The feudal castle consisted of a square keep, a surrounding wall and a palace which was enlarged and fortified during the centuries that followed. In the 14th century, the building resembled a great palatial castle in the Renaissance style. The “Saareck” round tower was built in 1437, and the present-day octagonal tower dates from 1891. By the 17th century, the castle had been transformed and complemented by bastions. After the “Saareck” round tower was pillaged in 1591, the castle was restored only to be demolished definitively in 1634 by Marshal de la Force, on the orders of Richelieu and King Louis XIII. After climbing the 118 steps, young and old alike will reach an altitude of 328 m. At this height, they will be able to enjoy an unrivalled panoramic view of the surrounding area.

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rue du Parc
Lat : 49.182677Lng : 6.903507
16 d

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