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Les petits secrets de Troyes

Les petits secrets de Troyes

Credit : © AL - Troyes La Champagne Tourisme

Discover the secrets of the city of a thousand colours!
For teenagers and adults, "Les Petits Secrets de Troyes": 2 orientation races in the historic centre.

This activity transforms the city into a real playground for young and old alike!
An unforgettable moment! Alone, with family or friends...

With your booklet, go through the labyrinths of medieval streets, unknown spaces, discover the clues, solve the mystery....

You will discover that the true treasure is so diverse that the pleasure of the eyes, the sharing, the rediscovered childhood flavours and the unique experience are within everyone's reach and conducive to a bucolic and different discovery of our territory.

Sharpen your sense of observation, your flair, soak up any clue that might give you a key and set off on an adventure to decipher the enigma proposed on the first page of your booklet by answering the questions asked.

"Les petits secrets de Troyes" - 3 euros per booklet

Technical information

Troyes La Champagne Tourisme 16 rue Aristide Briand
10000 Troyes
Lat : 48.2973873Lng : 4.0737769
0 m
158 d