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The Pré Rolland Park and the view on the old walls

The Pré Rolland Park and the view on the old walls

Credit : OT CEVA

This easily flooded zone of the river’s major bed was covered at almost each tide.

At the start of last century it was the leisure place of a society that had so few. Indeed, wash houses and cloth driers could be found, the women of Plancoët were seen active from the rays of sunshine, never forgetting to keep a keen eye on their children who were very happy to find a place to play on this great grassy field. As for their husbands, they too, were happy (depending on their luck of the day), the place was used as a horse racing field and for bets.

It’s only after a better management of the river, during the 1980’s, that the Pré Rolland became this nice park.

The view is also remarkable. Chateaubriand named it his amphitheatre. On the hillside traces of old fortifications can be seen. During the middle Ages, Plancoët housed a castle (destroyed in 1379) and walls to defend the Arguenon River, that was then a much desired border.

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6201 Rue du Verger
22130 Plancoët
Lat : 48.5213586Lng : -2.2331643
0 m
5 years

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Go around the Park and exit in front of where you entered, toward the Kayak Club (14)

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