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The mill at Lomprez
The mill at Lomprez

The mill at Lomprez

Credit : Geopark Famenne-Ardenne

The mill at Lomprez is part of a group of buildings belonging historically to the fortified village of Lomprez. The mill stands alongside an imposing farmhouse said to date from the same period as a mediaeval castle built in the 12th century. The pond that once fed the millstream was dug out subsequently, on the orders of the Count La Roche. The mill is the last surviving building from this mediaeval period, and continued to operate as a working mill until 1920. The millwheel has now undergone renovation and the millpond has been replaced by a car park and a village hall (just behind you). Do pay a visit to the mill, if time permits: it is a unique opportunity for a close-up view of all the complicated machinery of millstones, sifters, hoppers, bucket conveyors and gear wheels, all still in place and all looking ready to resume their old tasks at a moment’s notice.

Technical information

24 Vieille Route
6924 Wellin
Lat : 50.0760293Lng : 5.0944322
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