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Durbuy Old Town

Durbuy Old Town

It was in 1078 that Durbuy was first mentioned in a written record, under the name of Dolbui castello. In the 12th-13th centuries, we find written references to the city of Durboiensis, translated as “Fortress of the Boïens”. As we have seen, the town originally came into existence to serve a military purpose. That military strength enabled Durbuy to extend its protection to neighbouring villages and thus become a prosperous social and economic centre. As a major iron-founding centre in the 16th century, Durbuy and its 20 furnaces provided the Liège region with half of all its iron needs between 1530 and 1570. Durbuy was to decline in the 17th century, however, due to misfortunes and wars. Religious communities moved into the town to bring succour to the population, and their splendid convent buildings remain to this day.Economic renaissance was not to come until the late 19th century, however, with the rise of tourism. Durbuy is fortunate in possessing so many beautiful buildings, including its magnificent chateau rising above the town on its rocky peak. Its picturesque narrow lanes tempt the visitor to wander at will and explore the many and varied small shops and businesses to be found, including a wide choice of restaurants offering gourmet dining, local cuisine or a typical brasserie experience.

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5 Rue Alphonse Eloy
6940 Durbuy
Lat : 50.3519438Lng : 5.4556239
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