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Gîte La Prée
Gîte La Prée
Gîte La Prée

Gîte La Prée

Credit : Geopark Famenne-Ardenne

La Prée is a partner of the Geopark Famenne-Ardenne. Our partners are labelled "Geopark Famenne-Ardenne", a territory itself recognised by UNESCO.

What is it you do?

"La Prée is a gîte with capacity for 15 guests in an 18th century former farmhouse – the dates are shown in Roman numerals on the façade. The house has been fully restored and now offers masses of space, indoors and out."

What prompted you to seek "Famenne-Ardenne UNESCO Global Geopark Partner" status?

"I wanted to put my gîte on the map and show that it sits in a region worth the visit simply for the beauty of nature, a world away from the stress and pollution of the cities."

What is your approach to sustainable development and environment friendly practices?

"I am very committed to the strict waste sorting applied in our commune: we really have to sort our waste and take it to the container park ourselves. Even plastic bottles have to be segregated by colour. Most gîtes aren't used to such strict sorting criteria. Welcoming our guests, listening to them and meeting their expectations are all very important."

Catherine Géronnez, owner

Contact details:

Rue de la Prée, 2

6953 Ambly

084 22 10 03

Technical information

24 Rue Principale
6953 Nassogne
Lat : 50.1417265Lng : 5.3145772
1 year