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Eglise Saint Maxime (church)
Eglise Saint Maxime (church)
Eglise Saint Maxime (church)
Eglise Saint Maxime (church)
Eglise Saint Maxime (church)

Eglise Saint Maxime (church)

Credit : Fondation Facim / D. Dereani

This imposing building with its austere exterior, located in the village centre, houses a wealth of Baroque riches. Climb the steps, open the door and discover them for yourself.
Don't be taken in by the minimalist façade of this imposing building...
It was rebuilt during the 17th century, retaining the Romanesque base of the original bell tower, but its renovated interior features a host of beautiful, Baroque elements: the vast, 18th century tabernacle, twisted columns adorned with grape vines and gold leaf, the fine, scalloped rood beam etc.
But the masterpiece is undoubtedly its pulpit. It was carved from walnut in 1722 by Jacques Clérant and is adorned with images of the Church Fathers, angels and garlands of flowers. It is a powerful example of the knowledge and expertise of the various craftsmen and locals who worked on this building during the Baroque period!
You may also want to explore the U-shaped gallery which is typical of churches in the Beaufortain region.

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Place de l'Eglise
73270 Beaufort
Lat : 45.71684Lng : 6.574523
11 d

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Phone : 04 79 38 33 15

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All year round, daily between 9 am and 6 pm.

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