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Le MHiN - Musée d’Histoire(s) Naturelle(s)

Le MHiN - Musée d’Histoire(s) Naturelle(s)

The MHiN is a center of interpretation of literature for children and youth. Surrounded by fabulous sets and objects, you will (re) discover the most beautiful adventure stories of your childhood. But more than a discovery as a spectator, you take the pen and give life to your own story of adventure. Browse the museum room to room (9 spaces scenographed) to inspire you with the gallery of heroes, the room of the shadows, the refuge, the obstacles of the Khmer temple or the studio of Marcel Marlier to build gradually your adventure. Will you be an explorer looking for a treasure? A young heroine who dreams of traveling? Or a superhero who seeks his place in a huge city? The museum is also accessible to groups of maximum 30 people. In the company of a facilitator, discover all the elements that build a story, put it in the different workshops so that everyone can build their own story. Only on reservation (Contacts and prices): - Individuals: Saturday, Sunday and during the school holidays at 10am until 12pm - Groups min. 10 people : from Monday to Friday

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5590 Chevetogne
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