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Remember Museum
Herve remember 2005 alain boos

Remember Museum 39-45

Credit : ©Remember Museum 39-45

This fascinating museum is among the most interesting of its type. The Remember Museum opened its doors on 12th June 1994 and was inaugurated by Bennie Zuskin, veteran of the 1st Infantry Division of the United States Army. This fact might be mundane and anecdotical if it did not symbolise the extraordinary human value of this trip, not like any other, cradled by Mathilde and Marcel Schmetz, creators of the project. In fact, each visit is accompanied by one of them and each reconstituted piece (more than 70 mannequins !) , each flag, article of clothing and object is related to real events and real people whose names, faces and stories can be discovered. There are more than 500 « before and after » photographs where young men in military uniform can be compared with the grandfathers they have become today. The Schmetz are also in contact with hundreds of American families who regularly grace the museum with new pieces always full of history …Go to the Youtube channel of the Pays de Herve Tourist Information to watch more videos of the Remember Museum !

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