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Lakes Plateau -  Fourchu lake

Lakes Plateau - Fourchu lake

It´s a rich area with lakes, wetlands and peatlands.
This very nice walk will take you to one of the many earthly paradises.
The plateau of lakes is a real garden, nature sanctuary for many species.
Fourchu Lake is the largest lake of the plateau formed by piles of rocks on northern part of the range of Taillefer. Dominated by the summit of Taillefer at south, the lake is surrounded by Canard lake in the north , Veche lake, Black lake, Agneau lake and Culasson lake at southwest.

The lake Fourchu was named because of its split shape. The vegetation around the lake is entirely composed with an alpine grass. The only tree is a conifer perched on the only little island in the lake. The lake is 2050 m high in altitude, the it is frozen and covered with snow during the winter.

Please stay on the main trail, help us to protect thepeatlands and the fragile lake banks. You are in a very rich but fragile area, It worths protecting Nature!

Fario trout and rainbow trout presence, AAPPMA Grenoble manager

Immeuble les Mélèzes 38350 Alpe Du Grand Serre
Lat : 45.0247Lng : 5.86104
0 m
15 d

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Office de Tourisme de l'Alpe-du-Grand-Serre - 06/03/2018
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From 04/01 to 11/11.
Accessible after thaw, off winter season.


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