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Theater "Scène de couples chez Feydeau"

Theater "Scène de couples chez Feydeau"

By the High Voltage Company

“A woman, Clarisse, is bitten by a wasp. Her husband, Ventroux, refuses to take the sting off her.
The common thread running through the play, Clarisse goes from way to way to find someone to "save" her.
In the meantime, we meet Léonie pregnant with Toudoux. The couple form a duo like "a beast with two backs" walking up and down to pass the pain of Madame but "breathless Monsieur".
Exhausted, they stop at the memory of a childish conversation.
Finally, Maggy Anglaise finds her married lover, Vatelin, who is not very inclined to reconnect with her ...
Between slip-ups, missed acts and misunderstandings, laughter is on the agenda! "

Technical information

Avenue François Mitterand
Lat : 45.7932624Lng : 1.1297894
1 year

2 Additional information


Jacques Prévert Cultural Center at 8:30 p.m.
Prices: € 8 / € 5 (reduced) / € 3 (children 6-12 years old)


Tel: 05 55 70 77 00

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