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Hydro-power plant -Merytherm-
Hydro-power plant -Merytherm-

Hydro-power plant -Merytherm-

Credit : Evrard Maxime

You are on the site of the former Monceau Rolling Mill which operated from 1872 to 1954.

The site is currently occupied by 3 companies: Merybois, which has a photovoltaic panel installation with a power of 60KWp, Merytherm, which has hydroelectric turbines with a power of 200kVA and the company CBV which needs large powers to carry out tests on its equipment.

This led to the installation, on site, of all the equipment necessary for the operation of a micro network including the first energy storage battery available to companies and artificial intelligence to manage and optimise energy flows.

According to initial estimates, the three companies will see their energy bills fall by 15%.

The aim of the project is to demonstrate that the intelligent use of micro-grids will improve the competitiveness of the companies by reducing their energy bills. Indeed, they are one of the solutions of the future for a better management of electricity networks and they will provide answers in the framework of the energy transition: any benefit for the planet and the portfolio.

For many centuries, the only energy used by mankind came from windmills or water mills. The construction of these structures required only rock for the building, and wood + iron for the paddle wheel= just one type of metal.

Today's small water turbines require no less than 9 metal/mineral elements! ( see picture )
This type of hydraulic small scales hydro-power plants are flourishing along our waterways (8 installations in Wallonia) in order to gradually replace part of the fossil fuels.

The green energies that will be used to produce the energiy of tomorrow therefore require the extraction of many metals (which are not entirely recyclable...) from all over the world.


Critical Metals in the Path towards the Decarbonisation of the EU Energy Sector

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18 Avenue du Monceau
4130 Esneux
Lat : 50.5513Lng : 5.58578
1 year

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