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Cine Churchill 2

Cinéma Churchill

Credit : Office du tourisme de Liège

Formerly home to the Forum brasserie, this building was transformed into a cinema in 1947, and took on the name of Churchill. The façade is remarkable thanks to its stained-glass window and carved floral decorations. As a whole, it is again a fine example of Art deco style. On heading to the next point, it is possible to see two emblems adorning the façades. The first, at 22 Rue du Pot-d’Or, gave its name to the street. The second is located at 14 Rue Pont-d’île. On this emblem, the following inscription can be read: AU CIGNE 1690.

Technical information

6-22 Rue du Mouton Blanc
4000 Liège
Lat : 50.64109Lng : 5.57053
64 m
4 d