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Our top tip: the Caves of Hotton

Not far from here, you can visit the fairy-tale caves of Hotton; definitely essential sightseeing! This extraordinary natural heritage is the only cave...Read more

2 Rue de la Chapelle 6990 Hotton
Lat : 50.250917Lng : 5.452062
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25 Spéléo-Club-de-Belgique 6990 Hotton
Lat : 50.263888Lng : 5.464733
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The Caves of Hotton

Did you know that? These stunning caves were discovered by accident, when a controlled explosion in the quarry revealed the cave network and its stunning...Read more

Lat : 50.259059Lng : 5.455957
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The Caves of Hotton: a geological gem

Located in the province of Luxembourg, the Caves of Hotton are part of Wallonia's protected natural heritage: a real geological gem!

1 Chemin du Spéléo-Club 6990 Hotton
Lat : 50.25914Lng : 5.455483
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