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Tourist information office in Coo.

Located in the centre of the village. Open during holidays and school holidays.

1 Petit Coo 4970 Stavelot
Lat : 50.39277Lng : 5.876184
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Verkehrsverein Stavelot

The reception of the Stavelot Tourist Office is located in the glass gallery of the Stavelot Abbey.

Lat : 50.39466Lng : 5.93011
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Fremdenverkehrsamt von Spa

Welcome to Spa! If you are looking for wellness and relaxation, you won’t be disappointed. Spa is an amazing city full of surprises.Certainly, the...Read more

Lat : 50.49218Lng : 5.86786
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Office du Tourisme de Herstal

The Tourist Office of Herstal welcomes you to the “Maison Lovinfosse” which also houses the town museum, open from Saturday to Thursday, from...Read more

Lat : 50.67052Lng : 5.63903
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