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Larina archaeological site

Larina presents the archaeological remains of human occupation of the Isle Crémieu plateau from prehistoric times to the high middle ages.Occupied...Read more

Lat : 45.792957Lng : 5.300125
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from Apidae
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Fort de Tamié

The largest fort to have been built on the edges of the Alps by France in the 19th C. It was constructed in 1876 by 600 Italian workers and controlled...Read more

Lat : 45.672184Lng : 6.311367
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12 - Notre Dame de la Vie Sanctuary

17th Century work of art, the Notre Dame de la Vie Sanctuary watches over the Vallée des Belleville from its promontory next to the village of Saint Marcel....Read more

Lat : 45.373192Lng : 6.506696
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Eglise d'Allemond

The church as it stands today celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1987. The former, smaller church however was renovated and extended in 1872, yet 10...Read more

Lat : 45.130931Lng : 6.036817
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Sitting on a rocky peak, Mizoën is the front door of the Ferrand valley. This charming village of Oisans gives a beautiful and panoramic view on the Chambon...Read more

Lat : 45.050392Lng : 6.143205
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Village de Villard-Reymond

Villard Reymond Is a high mountain village in the heart of the Oisans massif, boasting a birds-eye view over Bourg d'Oisans. Located opposite the Grandes...Read more

Lat : 45.034251Lng : 6.018299
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Ornon sits just below the mountain pass of the same name (marking the natural boundary between Oisans and the Valbonnais), in a lovely site featuring a...Read more

Lat : 45.048006Lng : 5.977579
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