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On the trail of Gaudentius

On the trail of Gaudentius


Take the Gaudentius trail and marvel at the exceptional views from the top of the valleys.

Pass along the old Lavaur road which linked Lautrec to Ambres. Go to the limestone site of the Prône which comes from a very distant past. Linger over the different landscapes which offer a surprising transition.
For the record, in 1270, Amaury Viscount of Lautrec and Baron of Ambres decided to found a bastide. He chose an uncultivated area on the banks of the Dadou, which he called Saint-Gauzens in memory of Sanctus-Gaudentius, a young shepherd from 400 AD who was beheaded by the Visigoth king.

Technical informations

This circuit was updated on: 25/11/2023
9.3 km
2 h 45 mn
max. 280 m
min. 148 m
207 m

Altimetric profile

Starting point

81390 Saint-Gauzens
Lat : 43.747198Lng : 1.90249

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