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Entre Vignasses et Fontasses

Entre Vignasses et Fontasses

The opportunity to discover three villages during this walk of 12 kms. Organized in a loop, a shorter variant is possible. Rich of small inheritance, it will make you discover the old water mill of Limbrassac and the source of the Lauzado in Troye d'Ariège.

12 km
4 h
max. 468 m
min. 343 m
270 m
-271 m

Altimetric profile

Styles : BaladeDiscoveryIn the country
Public : FamilyOccasional hikers
Themes : CulturalPatrimony

Starting point

14-16 Limbrassac(Village)
09600 Limbrassac
Lat : 43.01708Lng : 1.84333
0 m
2 years
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Starting point pleace of church

Head for the town hall inside the old presbytery. On your right you’ll find the sign indicating the start of the trail. Go down the path between the houses. At the stream, take the path that joins the road on your left.

14-16 Limbrassac(Village) 09600 Limbrassac
Lat : 43.017152Lng : 1.843418
0 m
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The old water mil in Limbrassac

59-60 Moulin de Rabé 09600 Limbrassac
Lat : 43.016811Lng : 1.845794
0 m
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At the road turn right, cross the bridge and continue straight on towards Mirepoix.

17-58 Limbrassac(Village) 09600 Limbrassac
Lat : 43.017525Lng : 1.844523
0 m
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On the way out of the village, take the dirt track on the left, the Chemin des Vignasses, for about 2 kilometres.

61-62 Prats de la ville 09600 Limbrassac
Lat : 43.01951Lng : 1.847591
0 m
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Turn right at the intersection with the road, then turn right again just before the hamlet of Cartiès.

113 Carties 09600 Dun
Lat : 43.031459Lng : 1.834148
0 m
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Follow the main path that climbs and then goes down again towards St Julien de Gras Capou.

113 Carties 09600 Dun
Lat : 43.033137Lng : 1.834942
0 m
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At the village, take the road on the right which goes downhill. At the fork bear left towards Mirepoix for a good 600 metres.

24 Piernaud 09500 Saint-julien-de-gras-capou
Lat : 43.036897Lng : 1.855364
0 m
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Next, leave the road take the steep uphill path on the right. After about 400 metres, follow the path on the right that will lead you to Troye d’Ariège.

D7A 09500 Saint-julien-de-gras-capou
Lat : 43.040191Lng : 1.864033
0 m
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At Troye, go straight on, due south. You’ll pass a roadside cross, the path of la source de La Laouzado, then a microlight airstrip, before coming to the hamlet of St Paul 2 kilometres further on.

7 Troye Village 09500 Troye-d'ariege
Lat : 43.027804Lng : 1.877289
0 m
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At St Paul, turn right and pick up the road that comes back into Limbrassac taking in the hamlet of Gabach.

34 Saint-Paul 09600 Limbrassac
Lat : 43.012791Lng : 1.873502
0 m

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To see

The church of Limbrassac:
Saint-Romain is the patron saint of this small Romanesque church whose extreme simplicity makes all its charm. It is distinguished by its portal, south side, very characteristic of Romanesque art. Most Romanesque churches have only one door. The church of Limbrassac had two: the north, opening on the village square was built in broken arches, but it is now walled.

The source of Laouzado in Troye d'Ariège:
It was for a long time the only fountain of the village before the supply of drinking water was carried out.

The old water mill