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Chemin de Pezegado

Chemin de Pezegado


This family walk takes the shady paths of the slopes of Mirepoix.
From the Croix of Terride the view extends from the bastide to the massif of Tabe and to Bastonis where is a breeding of deer. You can see these magnificent animals closely with a little discretion and a lot of luck.

Technical informations

This circuit was updated on: 26/11/2020
6.4 km
2 h
max. 424 m
min. 295 m
44 m
Styles : BaladeForest
Public : Family

Altimetric profile

Starting point

D625 , 09500 Mirepoix
Lat : 43.0963Lng : 1.8763



Starting point junction "La piere blanche', route de Carcassonne

Take the D625 towards Villefranche L., then take the first right. Follow the D106 to the right towards the hamlet of Bartas where the red and white markers of the GR7 appear that you will follow to the Cross Terride.

D625 09500 Mirepoix
Lat : 43.096408Lng : 1.876028
301 m
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At Cross Terride, leave the GR7 markers to follow, on the left, the yellow markers of the farm road to the foot of a wooded hill.

Unnamed Road 09500 Mirepoix
Lat : 43.102503Lng : 1.880186
356 m
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After asscending into the undergrowth, follow the path that veers to the right.

Unnamed Road 09500 Mirepoix
Lat : 43.105393Lng : 1.876372
373 m
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After 400 meters, the vegetation changes and you cross a pine forest. Again, take time to admire the countryside.

Unnamed Road 09500 Mirepoix
Lat : 43.110978Lng : 1.875036
364 m
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Arriving at the hamlet of Marty, take the road down to the right and pass next to the ruin of Bourdicou.

Unnamed Road 09500 Mirepoix
Lat : 43.117287Lng : 1.885877
415 m
image du poi

500 meters after the ruin of Bourdicou, leave the road and markers to use the red and white GR7 markers, starting right at the stone cross on a runway.

Unnamed Road 09500 Mirepoix
Lat : 43.109118Lng : 1.883528
368 m
image du poi

The latter descends along large fenced parks where magnificent deer are raised.

Unnamed Road 09500 Mirepoix
Lat : 43.107234Lng : 1.882417
348 m
image du poi

Cross a little stream before rising towards the Croix de Terride where you descend straight down the path that will bring you back in the opposite direction to the starting point.

Unnamed Road 09500 Mirepoix
Lat : 43.104939Lng : 1.881838
333 m
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Points of interest

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The Cross of Terride

It marks the meeting of several paths of which one is an old Roman...Read more

Lat : 43.102714Lng : 1.880186
360 m

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The Croix of Terride :

It marks the meeting of several paths including one is an old Roman road going to the hamlet of Bize. The vertical stone of slightly curved shape probably comes from a keystone which could be issued from the Castle of Terride.

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