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De la voie verte au lac de Montbel

De la voie verte au lac de Montbel
De la voie verte au lac de Montbel
De la voie verte au lac de Montbel


This beautiful route along the totally secure greenway lined with old stations and several tunnels lead you to Montbel lake with splendid views of points and a breathtaking panorama.

Technical informations

This circuit was updated on: 26/11/2020
12 km
6 h 30 mn
max. 524 m
min. 402 m
61 m
Styles : BaladeForest
Public : Family

Altimetric profile

Starting point

58 Rue Denis Papin , 09300 Lavelanet
Lat : 42.94197Lng : 1.85694



Starting point Lavelanet at the old station (espace Tregueux) and join the Voie Verte 300 meters further along

Follow the old railway line for about 6 km to La Bastide sur l’Hers and then Peyrat. The tunnel is lit.

58 Rue Denis Papin 09300 Lavelanet
Lat : 42.941969Lng : 1.857001
502 m
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At “Coume” turn left onto a small path for 400 meters; here rejoin the way to Mireval (markings yellow).

3 Chemin de la Plaine 09600 Le peyrat
Lat : 42.959033Lng : 1.92647
439 m
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Continue for 300 meters to the hamlet of Mireval (markings yellow and red) and then descend, taking the farm track on the right. Follow the white and red markings to the GR7 B.

7 Quartier de la Coume 09600 Le peyrat
Lat : 42.960466Lng : 1.928626
478 m
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Turning right follow the pathway for a km then turn right to La Croix de Saint Hubert (about 2 km ).

2 Quartier Mireval d'en Haut 09600 Le peyrat
Lat : 42.959783Lng : 1.934463
482 m
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From the “Cross”, continue for 800 meters.

Saint-Hubert 11230 Sainte-colombe-sur-l'hers
Lat : 42.95899Lng : 1.951436
495 m
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Then turn left with the path winding towards “ Baylards”. Begin the walk around the lake about 3 hours (16km).

309 En Sarrat 11230 Sainte-colombe-sur-l'hers
Lat : 42.957553Lng : 1.960421
472 m
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Points of interest

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Hamlet of Mireval

The name of this hamlet comes from the occitan mira valh meaning "look...Read more

2 Quartier Mireval d'en Haut 09600 Le Peyrat
Lat : 42.960906Lng : 1.932285
0 m
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The fountain of Turet

The fountain, once the place of processions and altars, was the village...Read more

Lat : 42.959292Lng : 1.938373
0 m
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The hamlet "Les Baylards"

has been the site of some quite special discoveries in recent years,...Read more

33 Les Baylars(Hameau) 09600 Montbel
Lat : 42.966991Lng : 1.959204
0 m
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Bird-watching area

14 La Campagne 09600 Montbel
Lat : 42.969487Lng : 1.977003
0 m

Additional information

To see

The churches of Dreuilhe, La Bastide / Hers and Peyrat

Perspective in Mireval .

The lake of Montbel

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