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Credit : Office de Tourisme de Nogaro en Armagnac


Hiking easy to achieve for young and old through the vineyards of Armagnac, with passage on the lake, dike, footbridge.
1 - departure from the hall of the festivals: at the start of the yellow signposting of the PR along the whole course, descend towards the north on 1100 m, then take the road on the left until the tarred road
2 - turn right to the lake. In the turn, turn left towards the lake and go over the dike. Take the path on the left and follow the lake to the vineyard of Sancet (vineyard: producer of armagnac, floc and wine). Bypass the vine from the right to the road.
3 - Go straight ahead, pass the entrance of the castle until the crossing (possible variant left towards the village). Otherwise continue to the right until the RD 25 and cross it. Follow the tar then the path and cross the bridge. Turn left and follow the road to the road.
4 - turn right, go up to the junction (not far from the church of Mauriet) then turn left and go down the road. Before the bridge turn left, pass the bridge. At the end turn right until the RD 25.
5 - Turn left again for 150 m. Turn right towards "Berdine". At the top turn left and return to the village by the beginning of the route.

Technical informations

This circuit was updated on: 29/07/2017
12 km
2 h 30 mn
1 h
max. 149 m
min. 105 m
194 m

Altimetric profile

Starting point

32110 Saint-Martin-d'Armagnac
Lat : 43.71445Lng : -0.06266

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proposed by Nogaro en Armagnac

Ratings and reviews