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Les chemins du Soleil : Reignier - La Croisette
parcours Reignier - La Croisette

Les chemins du Soleil : Reignier - La Croisette

You've seen it coming, now you're going to climb it. Le Salève will bring you out in a sweat, unless you take the cable car. But you can be sure that the superlative views of Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc itself will be a balm to your eyes and your sweating limbs.

(0 0 km - 443 m) Head up the Chemin du Niez. At the top, when you reach the houses, take the wide path on the right. Go under the stone railway bridge and when you reach the Marsinge road, turn right. After 150 m, head up to the left on Route d'Arcine towards Esery. Continue straight ahead to the stop sign.
(1 2.6 km - 609 m) At La Cure: Turn right then right again, to reach the Route des Greffions on the D302 main road. After 400 m at the fork in the central reservation: SLOW DOWN. Do not take the road to Annemasse; instead turn left onto Route de Césarge.
(2 3.4 km - 599 m) Follow the road for 300 m. When you reach the yellow house, turn left into the no through road "Chemin du Pont du Loup". Go past the woods (take care on the log steps) and follow the path to cross the wooden bridge on your right. Go up the hill as far as the 'Pont du Loup' school bus stop. Continue straight ahead and at the give way opposite the golf course, turn left onto the "Route des Bornes".
(3 5.5 km - 581 m) Before reaching the houses, at the sign for Esserts-Salève, bear right up the pebbled path and take the road on the right. Continue up for 700 m, then take the steep path on your left. When you reach the D15 main road, head up the zigzags to your left.
(4 7 km - 655 m) When you reach the municipality of Monnetier-Mornex, head for the cemetery to the left via the Chemin des Esserts. Go round the cemetery to the left. Go along the section of the path marked off by 2 gates.
(5 7.8 km - 698 m) When you reach the road, turn left and immediately right into 'Chemin de la Fontaine'. At the lights, turn left then left again and head towards the church. The 'Route des 3 Lacs', the D41, takes you up Le Salève on the road. Alternatively, you can cut off the zigzags by taking the steeper GR hiking trail.
(6 12 km - 1057 m) After the fifth zigzag, at the pair of buildings, take the narrow road on the right, next to the white house. After 100 m continue uphill on the 'Chemin des 13 Arbres' which is opposite. At the crossroads, take the stony road to the right in the direction of the cable car, then when you reach the chalet, continue along the flatter path on the right.
(7 12.6 km - 1107 m) When you reach the cable car, cross the road and go up the steps on the left, towards the refreshment chalet. Cross the road 3 times as you go up the path. At the top, head towards the observatory on your right. Go past the restaurant car park and follow the main path.
(8 13.8 km - 1235 m) At the observatory viewpoint, go along the road and through the barbed gate. Continue along the track. When you emerge clear of the undergrowth, 20 m before the road, gp left and round a hairpin bend, heading downhill on the path through scrubland. Take care, after going downhill for 50 m, turn back up to the left. At the top, continue straight ahead towards La Croisette.
(9 14.8 km - 1279 m) When you reach the wooden building Turn left and carry on until you reach the pastureland. Go through the gates to follow the ridge for 1000 m and go round the hill at the base.
(10 16.1 km - 1255 m) Go through a third gate to rejoin the road. Head down the road and at the junction with the D41a Take the track opposite you across the car park. Follow the road into the centre of La Croisette.

17 km
max. 1297 m
min. 438 m
1029 m
0 m

Starting point

La Croisette
74160 Reignier-esery
Lat : 46.1482Lng : 6.26079
0 m
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Les marches de la croisette

A calm restaurant, with grandiose views, where a traditional homemade...Read more

5348 route de la croisette 74160 Collonges-sous-Salève
Lat : 46.1196Lng : 6.17098
0 m
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From 01/04 to 30/11.
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Visit the Buddhist temple, which is located right at the top and is like a holy grail - a haven of peace for the soul and for a suffering body in particular.

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