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Dos d'Ane - Cayenne via Bras d'Oussy
Dos d'Ane - Cayenne via Bras d'Oussy

Dos d'Ane - Cayenne via Bras d'Oussy

DURATION: 7 hour round trip


From Le Port and Rivière des Galets, go to Dos d'Ane and park your car as close as possible to the church, then go down the road for 100m and take the path that passes between the huts and courtyards before nearing the Rivière des Galets rampart. A long, steep descent awaits you (a ladder and various safety cables). Take your time when descending. After 1 hour 45 mins walking you will arrive at Ilet Albert and Le Bras de Saint-Suzanne, which crosses a ford. Then walk along the Rivière des Galets which must be crossed around 10 times using fords. You will reach a dam, get round it by forking to the left. Continue, following the mountain stream until the Ilet des Lataniers fork.


Turn left in the direction of Cayenne and Grand Place. You will reach a cross-roads, continue to the left until you get to Cayenne and visit the flower-filled village.


Return on the same path, do not take the path leading to the right (via Grand Place) on leaving Cayenne, rather take the one leading to Aurère. Don't forget to stop at the cemetery, a beautiful place filled with history.


Continue over several dizzying paths which lead to the 50-metre walkway spanning the Bras d'Oussy. Take a few souvenir photos!


Continue the descent until the path runs along the Rivière des Galets and get to Dos d'Ane using the same route

20 km
7 h
max. 925 m
min. 243 m
999 m
-999 m

Altimetric profile

Styles : HikingMountain
Public : SportsmenExperienced hikers
Themes : CulturalPatrimony

Starting point

4-8 Rue Ferdinand Louise
Haut de la Possession
Lat : -20.982Lng : 55.3763
0 m
167 d
image utilisateur
/ 2 years / 0 m

Canalisation des Orangers
Lat : -21.0225Lng : 55.4044
0 m
image utilisateur
image utilisateur
/ 2 years / 0 m

Parking Eglise

4-8 Rue Ferdinand Louise 97419 Dos d'Ane
Lat : -20.9823Lng : 55.376
0 m
image utilisateur
image utilisateur
/ 1 year / 0 m

Bienvenue dans Les Hauts


7 Rue Ferdinand Louise Dos d'Ane
Lat : -20.9827Lng : 55.3755
0 m
image utilisateur

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