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Place de la Libération
33710 BOURG
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Hike of the hills

Hike of the hills

Credit : tourismebourg

Departure from the car park of the church of Tauriac.

Walk in front of the City hall, then the school and take the second street right “Guinaudine", until the intersection with the street “Carrière": beautiful view of the castle Labarde. At the stop, turn right. Climb the small hill, then get down again. At the first intersection, turn left to follow the small tarred path. Go down the valley then go back up to the road “Route des châteaux”.

Of this point, by leaving to the left, possibility of shortening the stroll. Pursue the stroll by turning right. In the hamlet, turn left on the path "Du moulin vieux". At the sign, walk to the left the dirt track and continue quite straight ahead between plots of land of vineyard. Just before the castle Mounichoux, at the end of the ranks of vineyard and at the sign, leave to the right. Come down opposite between vineyards and wood. At the house, the path) continues quite straight ahead. It becomes tarred downward the route. Continue quite straight ahead until the intersection.

At the sign, turn left and continue on this tarred road, along the breeding of deers. Cross the bridge of the small brook: we are down the castle Bousquet. In the hamlet "Le Ligat" are the tracks of the former railroad between St André de Cubzac, Bourg and Blaye. At the end of the hamlet, at the sign, turn left and continue up to the last house. Go up the valley. Leave to the right on the bank lined with trees. In the rear, near a house, leave to the left. Follow this small tarred way and at the intersection, turn left. Caution: traffic.

Cross the CD 669: Caution: traffic.

Leave to the right up to the first small tarred path. Turn right and continue on this small path up to a coomb to the right in the vineyards which allows to have an exceptional point of view on Bourg and its river. Return by this small path until D669, stay on the low side and walk to the right. Leave to the left and to follow the path tarred by right which is lined with stone pines. In the crow's-foot, continue to the left in descent. Come down by a path lined with trees up to the locality "La Lustre". In the tarred road, turn left and go until stop: be careful of the car traffic in all the village.

Cross the CD669. Leave to the right by remaining good on the pavement. At the first intersection, at the sign, turn left and take the “Route des Châteaux". Continue by rising by the same way. At the end of the village, at the sign, set to the right the “Chemin de Montforton". Do not go into the hamlet but go down the path towards vineyards and small brook. Cross the small bridge and go back up quite straight ahead. On the left are a fountain and a stone wash house.

At the intersection, borrow opposite the Chemin du Gros ". Continue quite straight ahead until the intersection with the “Route de Beurié ". Turn to the left and turn right immediately. Continue on the path up to the wood. Turn left up to the tarred road. Turn right and join the car park of the departure.

9.4 km
3 h 30 mn
max. 48 m
min. 5 m
240 m
-240 m

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Starting point

6 Rue des Écoles
33710 Tauriac
Lat : 45.04929Lng : -0.50256
0 m
7 years
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The western front (except the steeple) is classified Historical Monument...Read more

7 Place des Tilleuls 33710 Tauriac
Lat : 45.048906Lng : -0.502067
19 m
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/ 7 years / 0 m

The vineyard of Côtes de Bourg

Wine estates awarded "Vignoble et chais en Bordelais" for a warm welcome.

39 Route des Châteaux 33710 Tauriac
Lat : 45.051696Lng : -0.524511
27 m
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176 Labarre 33710 Bourg
Lat : 45.037004Lng : -0.532322
38 m
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Cave Alliance Bourg-Tauriac

Opened everyday from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm and...Read more

1 Avenue des Côtes de Bourg 33710 Tauriac
Lat : 45.036428Lng : -0.509727
8 m
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/ 7 years / 0 m

The Pair-non-Pair cave

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4 Chemin de Pair Non Pair 33710 Prignac-et-Marcamps
Lat : 45.039233Lng : -0.501809
25 m