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45, Quai Aristide Briand
19000 TULLE
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Vertougit hills

Vertougit hills

Nice ride through vineyards and orchards on the slopes of the villages Fraysse, Vertougit, Cote and Crouzevialle. At the start of the hike, you will take the old ramparts and enjoy the old washhouse and gourgue (fire reserve). Halfway through, you will dominate the plain of Objat. Take time to admire the sweeping views from the orientation of Vertougit table. In the villages visited, you can identify some specific characteristics of particular habitats: the winegrowers' houses (mansions on high utility).

11 km
3 h 30 mn
max. 393 m
min. 228 m
364 m
-364 m

Altimetric profile

Starting point

Lat : 45.291094Lng : 1.438914
0 m
59 d

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Balisage pédestre : Jaune


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