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Vue sur Barre-des-Cévennes
Sentier de Barre-des-Cévennes


Credit : © Olivier Prohin

This trail showcases the different aspects of Barre-des-Cévennes, from the lanes of the old village to the panoramic viewpoints.

A few clarifications:• A few dozen metres after Point 6, take the stairs on the right.• Between Points 9 and 10, the path may be closed by two barriers. Please be sure to close them again after yourself.• Steep uphill section after Point 13.•  At Point 16, do not climb the rocks – risk of falling. •  Steep downhill section after Point 18.

3.7 km
2 h
max. 0 m
min. 0 m
199 m
-199 m

Altimetric profile

Starting point

Lat : 44.2465361Lng : 3.6514907
45 d
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/ 45 d / 0 m

Place de la loue (Hiring Square)

Marker 1This little square, located at the north-eastern entrance...Read more

Lat : 44.245965Lng : 3.652174
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/ 45 d / 0 m

Théron Fountain

Marker 2Barre was built on the contact zone between sandstone and...Read more

Lat : 44.245381Lng : 3.652335
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/ 45 d / 0 m

Wall plants

Marker 3Vegetation on walls has to overcome the lack of both soil...Read more

Lat : 44.245028Lng : 3.652646
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/ 45 d / 0 m

Place des écoles (Schools Square)

Marker 4“Schools Square” has changed name several times...Read more

Lat : 44.244278Lng : 3.653575
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/ 45 d / 0 m

Place de la Madeleine

Marker 5The fountain dates from the 18th century. At the end of the...Read more

Lat : 44.244582Lng : 3.653879
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/ 45 d / 0 m

The Château

Marker 6Constructed in the 12th and 13th centuries, the Château...Read more

Lat : 44.245026Lng : 3.653368
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/ 45 d / 0 m

The temple (Protestant church)

Marker 7Begun in 1823 and finished in 1826, this temple was Barre’s...Read more

Lat : 44.245588Lng : 3.652982
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/ 45 d / 0 m

The Catholic church

Marker 8The church was probably built in the 12th century. Its barrel-vaulted...Read more

Lat : 44.244763Lng : 3.654128
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/ 45 d / 0 m

Place de l'Orient

Marker 9Barre’s third fountain used to stand on this square,...Read more

Lat : 44.243833Lng : 3.655293
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/ 45 d / 0 m

Ash trees pruned in the “tadpole” style

Marker 10No water runs in this little gully in the summer. You can...Read more

Lat : 44.242375Lng : 3.655752
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/ 45 d / 0 m

Village de vacances (holiday village)

Marker 12Barre’s holiday village was built in 1971 by the association...Read more

Lat : 44.241569Lng : 3.6551
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/ 45 d / 0 m


Marker 15The landscape stretching eastwards is characterised by forest....Read more

Lat : 44.243645Lng : 3.658193
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/ 45 d / 0 m

Ruiniform rocks

Marker 16The Castelas, a butte, is a vestige of the area’s former...Read more

Lat : 44.244952Lng : 3.65631
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/ 45 d / 0 m

Rock plants

Marker 17These rocks offer a plant habitat comparable to stone walls,...Read more

Lat : 44.24647Lng : 3.654369
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/ 45 d / 0 m

The watershed

Marker 18At the centre of the landscape, the river Malzac meanders...Read more

Lat : 44.247147Lng : 3.653374
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/ 45 d / 0 m

The Malzac valley

The erosion caused by the Malzac, weaker than that caused by the Griboulle,...Read more

Lat : 44.246733Lng : 3.653589
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/ 45 d / 0 m


Marker 19Limestone is made up of thin layers topped by thicker ones....Read more

Lat : 44.247285Lng : 3.652725
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/ 45 d / 0 m

Place des Ayres (Threshing Square)

Marker 20So called because it used to be where most of Barre’s...Read more

Lat : 44.247377Lng : 3.651425

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Public weigh-station (poids public) as you enter Barre-des-Cévennes


Place des Ayres


In the shelter of the Castelas, the facades of Barre-des-Cévennes line up, reminding us of its past as a rich and lively small town. In fact, the village is located at the very hinge of two different but complementary regions, and controls one of the most frequent crossing points between the Lower and Upper Cévennes. The trail leads you from gardens to fountains, from the temple (Protestant church) to the Catholic church, to the old fairgrounds and then onto the heights, where you can enjoy exceptional panoramic views onto the scenery of the Cévennes National Park.


Barre-des-Cévennes on the D 907 and then D 9 from Florac; after Nozières hamlet, take the D 983 on the left.

Advised parking

On the right as you enter the village coming from the Col du Rey pass


This trail has rather steep slopes (60%) and cliff sections that are difficult for people with walking difficulties. Children must be kept under parents' supervision. Horse-riding or mountain-biking are not allowed on or adapted to discovery trails.