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Le Tomple
Vallée de Mativet
Village de La Condamine

La Condamine

Credit : nathalie.thomas

A sinkhole, lavogne (man-made-water hole) and dolmen are your signposts on this exploration of the agro-pastoral systems of yesteryear and today.

From the crossroads, do not go towards La Condamine but instead take the path that crosses the vast farmed plain. Pass in between the ruins of Combe Lebrouze and the dolmen and continue straight on a path that heads into the small valley of Mativet. At the crossing, turn left onto the track that goes into the small valley and joins up with the road to Le Tomple. Turn left onto the road, go through the hamlet of Le Tomple, and take the track downhill towards a pass (col). NB: Not long before the pass, take the path on the left to the lavogne, then take the path above the lavogne to return to the lane leading to La Condamine. Turn left, pass in front of La Condamine and continue back to the car park.

7.2 km
2 h 30 mn
max. 0 m
min. 0 m
133 m
-133 m

Altimetric profile

Starting point

Lat : 44.32865Lng : 3.5249092
43 d
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Condamine means “collectively farmed land or sinkhole, commons”....Read more

Lat : 44.328992Lng : 3.528451
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Dolmen de Combe Lebrouze

The dolmen of Combe Lebrouze, which belongs to a group of dolmens...Read more

Lat : 44.329031Lng : 3.539844
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/ 43 d / 0 m


This natural depression, known as a sotch or doline, is created by...Read more

Lat : 44.328179Lng : 3.543151
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Just before going downhill on the lane to Le Tomple, take the time...Read more

Lat : 44.343499Lng : 3.547232
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Le Tomple

The houses in this hamlet (altitude 976 m) have been built from limestone...Read more

Lat : 44.344708Lng : 3.541784
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Box is a symbol of immortality because it is evergreen. In the Middle...Read more

Lat : 44.341506Lng : 3.536294
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Water being rare on the Causse, so-called lavognes – clay basins...Read more

Lat : 44.335689Lng : 3.534456

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Crossroads of the D68 and the road to La Condamine


Crossroads of the D68 and the road to La Condamine


A walk on the Causse Méjean, an arid plateau where locals have nevertheless succeeded in making a living. They did not settle here by chance, and had to adapt their rural way of living. Every element here has a story to tell. Can you guess what it might be ?


From Florac, take the RD 16 road onto the Causse Méjean plateau. At Mativet, take the road going towards La Condamine/Les Champs/Montbrun

Advised parking

Crossroads of the D68 and the road to La Condamine


Make sure your equipment is appropriate for the day's weather conditions. Remember that the weather changes quickly in the mountains. Take enough water, wear good shoes and put on a hat. Close all gates and barriers after yourself. Please do not bring dogs (presence of livestock with guard dogs).