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Hamlets of Leÿ and Messy
Hamlets of Leÿ and Messy
Hamlets of Leÿ and Messy
Montée en vélo à Sommand par le village de Messy

Hamlets of Leÿ and Messy

From Mieussy (viaduct), this is an easy nature and discovery walk through some rural hamlets where farming had definitely made its mark.

As you approach Messy, you’ll have a view of Mont-Blanc and the Pointe d’Orchez, then the Môle.

6.6 km
1 h 40 mn
max. 820 m
min. 621 m
240 m
240 m

Altimetric profile

Starting point

Salle des Fêtes Chef-Lieu
74440 Mieussy
Lat : 46.133159Lng : 6.52266
0 m
3 h
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/ 29 d / 0 m

Viaduct of Mieussy

The viaduct of Mieussy was built in 1931, it is 126 meters long, and...Read more

Lat : 46.133321Lng : 6.520195
0 m
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/ 29 d / 0 m

Chapel of Leÿ

Lat : 46.143628Lng : 6.500232
0 m
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/ 29 d / 0 m

Lac d'Anthon

Petit lac de montagne, tranquille, poissonneux.Superficie : 900...Read more

Lat : 46.13646Lng : 6.50146
961 m

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Guidebook with maps/step-by-step

Go to the Pont du Foron and then go right along the path to Messy, via Vivier and Fromeson. At the junction with the road to Sommand, go straight on along the main road (D-road). Follow the ""Route de la Crusaz"" (towards Leÿ). In Leÿ, turn left just after the chapel (dating from 1837) then follow the footpath to Anthon. Carry on along the road for 500 m and then turn left onto the path that leads to the road to Vivier.