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De l’Aze à l’Ergues - Beaujolais Vert - Claveisolles

De l’Aze à l’Ergues - Beaujolais Vert - Claveisolles

The attractions of the route
A route that swings from one valley to another: one, on the Claveisolles side watered by the Aze, then its neighbour, on the St-Nizier side by the Ergues.

These “twin” streams, separated from their birth, meet further south, at a place called Le Gravier, to form the Azergues River.

Another particular relief in Beaujolais, that of the high valleys dug by the water and making the connection with the surrounding peaks: Mont Tourvéon, Saint-Rigaud, Roche d'Ajoux...
Dense forests synonymous with sensory hikes: the earthy scent of humus and the tangy scent of conifers, the chiaroscuro of the undergrowth swept by the rays of light filtered by the branches, the rough bark of century-old Douglas fir trees, the freshness of the foliage…
Between two Douglas firs, an opening onto grassy pastures maintained by herds of goats and dairy cows, but also the vision of a gourmet promise for cheese lovers.

When and how to take advantage of it?

In sports mode: Nordic walking or trail running.
Summer for the freshness of the forests or winter to immerse yourself in nature that has become wild.
While trying to see the tops of the majestic Douglas firs.
By stopping at a producer’s store or at a farm to put together a 100% cheese picnic. On the way say hello to the goats.

13 km
4 h 30 mn
max. 592 m
min. 419 m
400 m
439 m

Altimetric profile

Starting point

Parking Salle des Fêtes – accès par la rue du Lavoir en face du cimetière
69870 Claveisolles
Lat : 46.100288Lng : 4.494146
132 d
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Lac des Sapins

Le Lac des Sapins met à votre disposition les loisirs de plein...Read more

Lat : 46.00697Lng : 4.369691
0 m
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Château de Claveisolles

Site privé qui accueille le public uniquement à l'occasion...Read more

Lat : 46.101013Lng : 4.493508
0 m

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