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Promenade du Guiraudet
12200 Villefranche de Rouergue
The medieval village of Najac
The medieval village of Najac
The medieval village of Najac

The medieval village of Najac

And why not an adventure at najac ?
The medieval village of Najac is situated on a steep hill and is encircled by the river Aveyron. This highly perched village attracts visitors by its authenticity and its heritage : Royal Fortress, Church of Saint-jean, Bridge of Saint Blaise...
Follow our guides and relive the middle Ages. Set off into the countryside or on the river : there are many mapped paths for ramblers and trails for mountain biking, zipling, canoe/kayak, fishing...
Participate in events, stroll around the village and treat yourself to our local specialities !
Najac, an adventure that makes sense.

3.1 km
2 h
max. 349 m
min. 280 m
138 m
-138 m

Altimetric profile


Styles : BaladeIn townRoadtrip
Public : FamilyAccessible with prams/stroller
Themes : CulturalPatrimony

Starting point

25 Place du Faubourg
12270 Najac
Lat : 44.22068Lng : 1.98236
0 m
1 year
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/ 7 years / 0 m

Barry place 13th an 14th centuries

Organized to accommodate markets, the place, long and narrow, is surrounded...Read more

39 Le Faubourg 12270 Najac
Lat : 44.22057Lng : 1.98158
339 m
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Consuls monolitics Fountain-­‐historical monument – 1344

This public fountain deeply carved in a huge mass of granite is at...Read more

13 Rue du Bourguet 12270 Najac
Lat : 44.21963Lng : 1.97797
299 m
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Saint-­‐Barthélémy’s Chapel 14th century

This chapel was previously linked to a hospital and a cementery. The...Read more

2 Rue Saint-Barthélémy 12270 Najac
Lat : 44.21921Lng : 1.97686
0 m
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Senechal’s house 15th – 16th centuries

Built at the foot of the fortress, this residence dating from the...Read more

22 Rue du Château 12270 Najac
Lat : 44.21851Lng : 1.9747
0 m
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Pique Gate – 13th century

This is a defensive strucutre built at the same time as the forteress...Read more

22 Rue du Château 12270 Najac
Lat : 44.21775Lng : 1.97245
0 m
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/ 7 years / 0 m

La Pause district

This used to be a rest area (hence the name : La Pause) on the medieval...Read more

7 La Pause 12270 Najac
Lat : 44.21731Lng : 1.97006
280 m