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The Battle of Le Cateau
The Battle of Le Cateau
The Battle of Le Cateau
The Battle of Le Cateau

The Battle of Le Cateau

The Battle of Le Cateau (26th August 1914).
Following the defeat at Mons, the British Expeditionary Force continued its retreat and forced march towards France. At Le Cateau, one general decided to disobey orders and stand and face the German forces. What would be the consequences of this decision?

19 km
max. 138 m
min. 91 m
274 m
-274 m

Altimetric profile

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Starting point

2 Rue Gambetta
59360 Le Cateau-Cambrésis
Lat : 50.10547Lng : 3.54251
0 m
6 years
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Le Cateau – town centre

The capture of Le Cateau on the 26th August according to eyewitness accounts.

2-12 D643 59360 Le cateau-cambresis
Lat : 50.1055Lng : 3.54251
0 m
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International cemetery at Le Cateau

An international cemetery at the heart of the battlefield.

D932 59360 Le cateau-cambresis
Lat : 50.1107Lng : 3.52718
0 m
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Caudry – Recumbent headstones in the communal cemetery

Rather surprisingly, there are some recumbent headstones in the cemetery of a lace-making town that was plundered during the German occupation

16 Rue du Cateau 59540 Caudry
Lat : 50.1248Lng : 3.41466
0 m
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Ligny-en-Cambrésis – Communal cemetery

The grave of the first Australian soldier who died in the Great War and who is buried next to his mother

39 Rue de Cambrai 59191 Ligny-en-cambresis
Lat : 50.0994Lng : 3.37254
0 m
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Haucourt-en-Cambrésis – Monument to Father Toussaint Saint-Aubert (church)

A monument to a priest who died a martyr’s death, a victim of the barbarity of war

8 Rue de l'Abbé Saint-Aubert 59191 Haucourt-en-cambresis
Lat : 50.1048Lng : 3.34008
0 m