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This is one of the most accessible routes in the Massif de Belledone. After a gentle climb up by road, the fast-paced descent is thrilling. With a tried and tested technique, there's nothing to fear.

Itinerary from the “MTB in Oisans” guide (Oisans Tourisme)

Departure/Arrival (loop) : Allemont (Lac du Verney) 770 m
Length: 1 1/2 hours
Distance: 13 km
Highest point: 1320 m
Lowest point: 770 m
Total height gain: +604 m
Total height loss: -614 m

Technique: 3/4
Endurance: 3/4

Map: Top 25 Bourg d'Oisans and l'Alpe d'Huez 3335 ET

From the Lac du Verney car park, retrace your steps and take a very small path leading up to the right to the Allemont-le-Haut road. Turn right and follow this road towards the church and then follow signs to La Rivoire, Le Clot and La Traverse. The road is little-used, leading up to the Coteyssart chalets (1304 m) in around an hour. The panoramic view over the Bourg d'Oisans plain and Les Grandes Rousses will make the time fly by.
Once at the chalets, the Coteyssart descent starts on the right, signposted "Allemont par la Combe", comprising a pleasant series of switchbacks, with some natural banking. It's a fun, varied ride.
At La Combe, cross the road and follow signs to Le Villaret (GR 549) opposite. This short path passes between gardens and houses (watch out for local residents), before leading down to the road (D43).
On the road, turn left for 150m and go down to the right to join the path back down to the Lac du Verney.
This path offers a pleasant ride alongside the right side of the lake to the car park.

This single track is not too high and on the sunny side of the valley. It is therefore one of the first paths to open in Oisans in the spring (and the last to close in the autumn).

13 km
3 h
max. 1315 m
min. 768 m
550 m
550 m


Style : Mountain

Starting point

90 Chemin des Grands Champs
38114 Allemond
Lat : 45.1324Lng : 6.04291
0 m
image du poi


From the car park of the watersports centre, ride to the church of Allemont.

90 Chemin des Grands Champs 38114 Allemond
Lat : 45.1325Lng : 6.04291
0 m
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from Apidae
/ 209 d / 0 m

Eglise d'Allemont

375 route du village 38114 Allemont
Lat : 45.1309Lng : 6.03682
0 m
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image utilisateur
/ 210 d / 0 m

Village d'Allemont

38114 Allemont
Lat : 45.1322Lng : 6.04061
0 m
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Route du village

Prendre à droite en continuer de monter par la route en direction de l'église d'Allemont.

1385-1421 Route du Village 38114 Allemond
Lat : 45.131Lng : 6.04069
0 m
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Allemont church

turn left towards La Rivoire, Le Clot and La Traverse, the last solitary hamlet on the steep foothills of the Belledonne. The road is narrow, steep, and little-used. Although paved, is completely in the MTB spirit.

90 Route des Hameaux 38114 Allemond
Lat : 45.1304Lng : 6.03559
0 m
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The end of the road turns into a track. 300m afterwards, on the right, a signpost points to ‘Les Chazeaux – Allemont par la Combe’.

2610-2614 Route de Cotteyssard 38114 Allemond
Lat : 45.1424Lng : 6.02781
0 m
image du poi

GR 549 on the right

Follow : Chazeaux – Allemont par la Combe.
Before following this, it’s worth taking a short detour 2km further along the
original track to a beautiful view point over the Grandes Rousses massif.
The ride down to Coteyssart is a pleasant series of switchbacks, with some natural banking, through a lovely forest.

2592-2724 Route de Cotteyssard 38114 Allemond
Lat : 45.1443Lng : 6.03354
0 m
image du poi

La Combe

At La Combe, follow the narrow GR 549 to Le Villaret.

657-995 Route de la Combe 38114 Allemond
Lat : 45.1399Lng : 6.03746
0 m
image du poi

Le Villaret

Arrivé sur la route prendre à gauche sur 150m puis prendre le premier sentier à droite qui vous emmènera jusqu'au Lac du Verney.

1720 Route du Villaret 38114 Allemond
Lat : 45.145Lng : 6.04417
0 m
image du poi

1720 Route du Villaret 38114 Allemond
Lat : 45.1488Lng : 6.04559
0 m
image du poi

/!\ Attention /!\

Cette portion entre la Combe et le Villaret est fermé pour travaux jusqu'au XXX

893-1651 Route du Villaret 38114
Lat : 45.1415Lng : 6.04164
0 m

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