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Lindeul Trail MOLAC

Lindeul Trail MOLAC

Credit : Pays Touristique Vannes-Lanvaux

To the north of Questembert, the town of Molac is perched on a hill overlooking the Valley of Arz. The town's architectural heritage reflects its history, which is thousands of years old. The trail heads toward the River Arz and takes the Voie Verte (Green Lane), the old railway. It crosses the Grées (shale-like hills) of Lindeul. Finally, it penetrates the vast forest of Lanvaux.
Please follow the yellow marks.

12 km
3 h 45 mn
1 h 30 mn
1 h 45 mn
max. 89 m
min. 22 m
204 m
-203 m

Altimetric profile

Styles : HikingIn the country

Starting point

5 Rue Saint-Pierre
56230 Molac
Lat : 47.73198Lng : -2.43712
0 m
1 year
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/ 333 d / 0 m

Old town

11 Rue des Frères Chatte 56230 Molac
Lat : 47.730491Lng : -2.435081
0 m
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Departure Town of Molac

Leaving from the church. Pass in front of the Pis Pré fountain and turn left under the porch of the former presbytery. Go down Rue Delattre towards Boudevauderie until you reach route D5, known as the blue road.

13 Rue Saint-Pierre 56230 Molac
Lat : 47.7316Lng : -2.43776
0 m
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New Bridge RD5

Turn left before Pont Neuf and follow the Arz until you reach the road and Pont du Favre (Favre Bridge).
Continue by taking the road in front on a small path to the right that leads to a huge embankment over which the Voie Verte (Green Road) passes.

D5 56230 Molac
Lat : 47.7213Lng : -2.43957
0 m
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from GMVA
/ 6 years / 0 m

The Arz River

Lat : 47.7193Lng : -2.43891
0 m
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from GMVA
/ 6 years / 0 m

Chapel of Lindeul

This chapel was built in the 13th century by the Order of the Knights...Read more

Lat : 47.7139Lng : -2.41633
0 m
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Le Guernet – Voie Verte (Green Road)

Take the Voie Verte (Green Road) on the right. Continue 250m and then turn left to go up to the Grées du Lindeul.

5171A Guernet 56230 Molac
Lat : 47.7117Lng : -2.42231
0 m
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/ 7 years / 0 m

Cross of Launay

Known for the remarkable length of its shaft, this cross is adorned...Read more

Lat : 47.726248Lng : -2.42034
0 m
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Grées du Lindeul

From the Grées, a return trip is possible at the Chapel of Lindeul, 500m away.
Walk to the village of Coverdel. Turn left and then venture off the road, taking a farm road to the left. Cross the Arz, pass in front of the Moulin de Bois Bréhan mill and turn left. At the road, go up the hollow way. Pass through the villages of Manguero and Port. At the last house, take the small path to the left that goes down to the Voie Verte (Green Road).

Lat : 47.7099Lng : -2.41506
0 m
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Croix de Launay – Voie Verte (Green Road)

Turn right onto the Voie Verte (Green Road). Go under the bridge of Bouillonneau and then turn left onto a small path that goes through the forest of Lanvaux. Cross Route de Pleucadeuc (junction towards Pleucadeuc). Go straight before turning left towards the pond of Lanvaux on the road that heads back towards town. From the town of Molac junction to Le Cours (Circuit de la Chapelle de Priziac trail) and Larré (Circuit de la Noë des Dames trail).

Kerdano 56230 Molac
Lat : 47.7256Lng : -2.41866
0 m
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Forêt de Molac

Après être passé sous le pont du Bouillonneau, quitter la Voie Verte par un petit chemin à gauche qui chemine dans la forêt de Lanvaux. Traverser la route de Pleucadeuc (jonction vers Pleucadeuc). Continuer tout droit avant de prendre à gauche vers l’étang de Lanvaux la route qui ramène vers le bourg.

Du bourg de Molac jonction vers Le Cours (circuit de la Chapelle de Priziac) et Larré (circuit de la Noë des Dames) par le GRP Vannes.

5040A Bierne 56230 Molac
Lat : 47.7333Lng : -2.41716
0 m