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Les balcons d'Auris (n°7)
Les balcons d'Auris (n°7)

Les balcons d'Auris (n°7)

Credit : Eric Beallet

This is a beautiful itinerary over one of the most spectacular roads of l’Oisans, the ‘route de la Roche’ (rocky road) which was opened in 1902. The stretch of road up to La Garde is particularly testing; but you will then find a good rhythm. After l’Armentier le Haut, your wheels will be «astounded » at the wonderful view of the valley spread out before you! Not recommended for cyclists who are prone to vertigo!

Positive difference in height :900 m
Max. incline : 14 %
Nature of the route : loop
Cartographie : Michelin Carte Département Isère, Savoie n° 333

Cultural informations : Mythology, the "Bouames" of l'Oisans
The ‘bouames’ are found in many stories about l’Oisans. According to those tales, they were short men with very big heads living in the crevices of the rocks. They would be accused of many things: stealing rabbits and chickens, linen, potatoes and wheat. They are also said to have stolen babies. This is why, even today, you can still see iron bars,
sometimes even reinforced with metal grids, on the windows of the houses in Le Freney d’Oisans, Mizoën and Besse en Oisans, since the ‘bouames’ were entering people’s houses and stealing babies which they would then bring up as their own. The fear of the ‘bouames’ was firmly rooted in people’s minds. However, the inhabitants of l’Oisans had
regular contact with them and would exchange services with them in an attempt to «tame» them.

Quotation : «The truth of the cyclist is on the move and travels at three speeds.» Claude Tillet (1929)

40 km
3 h
max. 1587 m
min. 716 m
1516 m
-1516 m


Style : Mountain
Public : SportsmenCyclists

Starting point

38142 Le bourg-d'oisans
Lat : 45.054Lng : 6.03262
0 m
5 years
image du poi

Départ de Bourg d'Oisans

From Bourg d’Oisans, follow the direction of Briançon, cross over the Romanche River and turn left onto the D211, start the road of Alpe d'Huez to La Garde en Oisans.

Mas du Plan 38520 Le bourg-d'oisans
Lat : 45.054Lng : 6.03261
0 m
image du poi

Ce contenu à été supprimé par son auteur

Mas du Plan 38520 Le bourg-d'oisans
Lat : 45.0546Lng : 6.03252
0 m
image utilisateur
/ 6 years / 0 m

Eglise Saint-Pierre de La Garde

Typical church in Oisans, you can make a stop to visit it !

Vierge de la Garde 38520 La Garde
Lat : 45.0672Lng : 6.04367
0 m
image utilisateur
image du poi

La Garde en Oisans

After the church turn right towards Auris en Oisans on the D211a.

Vierge de la Garde 38520 La garde
Lat : 45.0672Lng : 6.04398
0 m
image du poi

La route des Roches

Go through the hamlet of Armentier and continue on la Route des Roches, this balcony road is spectacular, it was the only road to serv Auris en Oisans in the past.

Route de la Roche d'Auris 38520 La garde
Lat : 45.0549Lng : 6.05378
0 m
image du poi

Direction Auris en Oisans

At the end of La route des Roches, turn left through the hamlet of Certs then follow D211e to Auris.

Vierge de la Balme 38142 Auris
Lat : 45.0378Lng : 6.07368
0 m
image du poi

Auris en Oisans

Auris-en-Oisans is composed of eleven traditional mountain hamlets located between 700 m and 1600 m. Typical houses of Dauphiné, chapels, church, oratory or washing constitute the heritage of the village. You will find an old-world charm with old stone and wood. Today Auris is also a modern ski resort. Then back to the D211a to Freney d'Oisans.

Résidence les Campanules 38142 Auris
Lat : 45.0556Lng : 6.07842
0 m
image du poi

Le Freney d'Oisans

In Freney turn right towards Bourg d'Oisans on the RD1091.

Le Village 38142 Le freney-d'oisans
Lat : 45.0454Lng : 6.1254
0 m

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