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Place du Châtelet, 9
4960 Malmedy
Walking rally in Malmedy 2020

Walking rally in Malmedy 2020

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Starting from the Malmundarium (Q1) > Continue towards the Cathedral (Q2) > Turn left and head towards the end of the Cathedral Park (Q3) > Take the road on the left (Q4)> Then go along rue du Rond-Thier and follow the Extratrail. (Q5) > Cross over towards My Hotel and turn around it to enter rue de Bavière (Q6) > Turn left on Outrelepont Bridge (Q7) > Turn right after the bridge and continue until you reach place de Rome. (Q8) (Q9)>, Cross over to ruelle Catherine André, then ruelle Sinton to reach place de Cochem. (Q10) > Head towards the Parc des Tanneries (Q11) > Leave the park between the miniature golf course and the playground. > Keep going straight towards avenue de la Centenaire. (Q12) > Once you pass street number 15, take the alley on the left (Q13) > Head left towards place Saint-Géréon. (Q14)> Take the small alley in front of the bandstand going towards place Albert. > Head right and cross over at the obelisk. (Q15) towards the large car park > Follow the small passageway to rue du Vinâve > Instead of going towards Grètèdar Hall, take a left turn. (Q16) > Continue going towards the Cathedral (Q17) > You will end up in the park (Q18)> Head toward the esplanade (Q19) > Enjoy the sound of the cathedral chimes (Q20) > Return to the Malmundarium to hand in the questionnaire.

2.6 km
max. 0 m
min. 0 m
0 m
0 m
Style : Discovery
Public : FamilySchoolAccessible with prams/stroller
Themes : CulturalPatrimony

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Starting point

10 Place du Châtelet
4960 Malmedy
Lat : 50.42686Lng : 6.02734
188 d
image du poi

Question 1

A shield and a helmet can be seen on the cenotaph (a sarcophagus-shaped monument) in front of the Malmundarium. In which comic strip do you find characters wearing these items?

1) Asterix and Obelix
2) Tintin
3) Tootuff

10 Place du Châtelet 4960 Malmedy
Lat : 50.426846Lng : 6.027288
n/a m
image du poi

Question 2

Located between the Cathedral and the Malmundarium is the starting point for the various Extratrail tours. How many kilometres will you cover if you combine the green and black routes?

4960 Malmedy
Lat : 50.42661Lng : 6.02783
n/a m
image du poi

Question 3

At the end of the park, you will find 5 stelae paying a tribute to the December 1944 bombing victims. How old was:

1) Godefroid Cornet:
2) Jeanne Danemark:
3) Henriette Louys:
4) Joseph Querinjean:

7 Place du Châtelet 4960 Malmedy
Lat : 50.427075Lng : 6.02834
n/a m
image du poi

Question 4

What colour is Malmedy's poudingue?

1) Green
2) Red
3) Yellow

7 Place du Châtelet 4960 Malmedy
Lat : 50.427529Lng : 6.028109
n/a m
image du poi

Question 5

What animal do you see on the Mdy11 trail marker, green rectangle?

12C Rue du Rond-Thier 4960 Malmedy
Lat : 50.4291Lng : 6.02903
n/a m
image du poi

Question 6

What star rating does the My Hotel establishment have?

88 Rue Devant les Grands Moulins 4960 Malmedy
Lat : 50.429761Lng : 6.027052
n/a m
image du poi

Question 7

If you look at the bridge, you will see some big stones along the deck. What were they for?

1) Preventing car wheels from damaging a wall
2) Placing flower boxes on
3) Parking bicycles

1 Rue de Bavière 4960 Malmedy
Lat : 50.428483Lng : 6.024574
n/a m
image du poi

Question 8

What can you see on the door of Cavens House (a former orphanage)?

1) A child
2) A tree
3) An animal

4960 Place de Rome 4960 Malmedy
Lat : 50.426179Lng : 6.025255
n/a m
image du poi

Question 9

The place de Rome bandstand features a flag. What are the colours of this flag?

This flag is the flag of

1) Belgium
2) Malmedy
3) Eastern Cantons

16 Place de Rome 4960 Malmedy
Lat : 50.426162Lng : 6.025593
n/a m
image du poi

Question 10

At the end of ruelle Sinton, you reach the place de Cochem. This town is twinned with Malmedy.
Since when?

In which country is Cochem located?

1) France
2) Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
3) Germany

12 Ruelle Sinton 4960 Malmedy
Lat : 50.425144Lng : 6.026596
n/a m
image du poi

Question 11

The park, near the miniature golf course, features a stele. Who is the lady in the portrait?

Place de la Fraternité 4960 Malmedy
Lat : 50.42415Lng : 6.02724
n/a m
image du poi

Question 12

At the corner of rue de la Tannerie and avenue de la Centenaire, stands a half-timbered house, the Waty Barn. What was this building originally?

18 Rue de la Tannerie 4960 Malmedy
Lat : 50.42411Lng : 6.02842
n/a m
image du poi

Question 13

What can you see above the door of the Capuchin church (on your right)?

1) A sculpture of the Madonna and Child
2) A holy water font
3) The St. Quirinus shrine

2 Place Saint-Géréon 4960 Malmedy
Lat : 50.424727Lng : 6.029617
n/a m
image du poi

Question 14

The bandstand at place Saint-Géréon was inaugurated in 1901 to coincide with a concert performed by 4 different musical associations. Name them:

1 Chemin-Rue 4960 Malmedy
Lat : 50.4251Lng : 6.02857
n/a m
image du poi

Question 15

What animal on the obelisk is spitting water?

31 Place Albert Ier 4960 Malmedy
Lat : 50.425482Lng : 6.029134
n/a m
image du poi

Question 16

Street signs in Malmedy are displayed in French and Walloon.
What is the Walloon name of the street behind the water?

19 Rue la Vaulx 4960 Malmedy
Lat : 50.425858Lng : 6.030765
n/a m
image du poi

Question 17

In the middle of the street, in the large garden on the right, you will see some tiny houses lining the old city wall. What are they?

1) Pigeon houses
2) Hen houses
3) Rabbit hutches

11 Rue Derrière l'Eau 4960 Malmedy
Lat : 50.426183Lng : 6.029826
n/a m
image du poi

Question 18

Malmedy's coat of arms is displayed on the town's rubbish bins. What animal can you see there?

1) A black grouse
2) A doe
3) A dragon

2 Rue Derrière l'Eau 4960 Malmedy
Lat : 50.426627Lng : 6.028538
n/a m
image du poi

Question 19

The red villa opposite the Malmundarium is named after a plant, with the name being shown on the facade. What is this plant?

9 Place du Châtelet 4960 Malmedy
Lat : 50.426798Lng : 6.026972
n/a m
image du poi

Question 20

You probably heard the cathedral chimes during your tour. A different tune is played every 15 minutes. Every hour at 45 minutes past, an excerpt is played from a song by a well-known local Belgian singer. Who is it?

1) Frédéric François
2) Pierre Rapsat
3) Jean Vallée

10 Place du Châtelet 4960 Malmedy
Lat : 50.426852Lng : 6.027128
n/a m
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