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Avenue Comte de Smet de Nayer, 14
5000 Namur
By Bike towards the High Plateau

By Bike towards the High Plateau

Credit : WBT - D Erroyaux

In Ovifat, how lovely it is to cycle early in the morning on the little road, to feel the chill of the dawning day. The itinerary leads us to Lac de Robertville (a lake), via the villages of Walk then Champagne. Soon after crossing the bridge above the lake, you are on the Vennbahn (cycling route). On the route, the incline is slight (hardly more than 2.5%) – the slope was calculated in its time to allow trains to climb the hilly area to “La Fagne”. At Sourbrodt, you will discover the old Prussian-style train station. There was a flurry of activity here back in the day: numerous tracks transported goods from Germany and soldiers on leave from Camp Elsenborn. The signal box, long platforms and old carriages give an idea of the importance of this railway junction which was once teeming with life. Let’s carry on north. The line crosses the heart of the greenbelt of Wallonia: the Réserve Naturelle des Hautes-Fagnes (High Fens Nature Reserve). The ride is peaceful here, a silence which would have been broken back in the day when the train’s bells would ring to announce the crossing of paths leading to the fens where turf was extracted. Reach the Kalterherberg and leave the Vennbahn which goes towards Monschau to follow the points-noeuds (intersecting routes) of the “Velotour” network which will be the markings you look out for from now on. On the forest track, tall grasses give way to Hertogenwald Forest. This landscape resembles that of the Steppes. As the day comes to an end on the High-Fens, ride towards Reinhardstein, where you’ll be happy to have discovered this journey in the heart of the fens.

36 km
2 h 30 mn
max. 660 m
min. 493 m
515 m
-515 m

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Starting point

3 Rue de l'Eglise
4950 Ovifat
Lat : 50.4665Lng : 6.10756
134 d
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