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De Bornival (Nivelles) à Ways (Genappe) à cheval

De Bornival (Nivelles) à Ways (Genappe) à cheval

Credit : libre de droit

Discover this 17.9km route on horseback, from Bornival to Ways! Itinerary for riders: NGI map 39/5-6 As you leave the property turn left onto the cobbled street Chemin de Ronquières, then immediately left again onto Rue Félicien Canart (traditional cobblestones). At Bornival primary school take a right onto Rue du Centre (also cobbled). At the bottom on the left is a remarkable farmhouse (Castia). The street splits into two, stay on the right. At the junction with Rue du Bois d’En Bas, take a left. As you enter the woods, the street becomes Chemin Hiernoulet. At the crossroads, turn right into Rue du Gendarme. Cross the bridge and you will reach Monstreux church (opposite), turn right here. You will go past the Abbey Farmhouse. After the electricity pylon (around 500m before getting to the R25), turn left to take the pre-RAVeL to Nivelles. Map 39/7-8 This pre-Ravel is excellent to Nivelles then comes to a sudden stop. Take the tunnel on the right then immediately turn left. Go along Avenue de la Liberté (Cité Maillebotte), the RAVeL continues after 750m. It is tarmacked until Genappe although in some places there is a grass verge. After passing over the N25, exit the pre-RAVeL taking the first left onto Rue du Pont. At the junction, go left again until you reach ‘A Contre Temps’ guest house. This guest house is on Tourette farm where cheese and local products can be purchased. Contrary to the RAVeL signs, horses are also allowed on this section. This is a good way to cross the town.

18 km
max. 153 m
min. 78 m
134 m
-132 m

Altimetric profile

Styles : BaladeDiscovery

Starting point

1 Chemin de Ronquières
1404 Bornival
Lat : 50.60378Lng : 4.25496
21 h

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