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L'Abbaye n°14

L'Abbaye n°14

Short walk from La Giettaz to admire this beautiful village from above.

From the village square, go up the alley in front of the Tourist Office and cross the RD909. Continue towards the Abbey then climb to the Chapelle des Nants. After the Chapel, go up towards the RD132, cross it carefully and continue the route uphill towards Les Puginières. Des Puginières, descend to the village via the Pont Noir and the Chapelle des Nants.

ALTERNATIVE: L'Oratoire des Clapières: From the Chapelle des Nants, go up towards the RD 132, cross it carefully and continue the route uphill on the right to join the Chemin du Fardellet. Arrived on this path, turn left towards Pétaz. From this crossroads, turn right towards the Bois de Fouestarle then turn left to cross the field and reach the Oratoire des Clapières. The return to the village of La Giettaz takes the same route to Pétaz. From this crossroads, descend by the Puginières, the Pont Noir and the Chapelle des Nants (duration: 1h45; distance: 4.1 km).

The Oratoire des Clapières is the oldest oratory in Val d'Arly. During the revolution, it was hidden under a heap of wood and branches in order to escape the order of destruction of the small oratories. Note that "Clapières" designates stony ground, which manifests itself in the construction material of the oratory.

2 km
45 mn
max. 1405 m
min. 1105 m
140 m
140 m

Altimetric profile

Styles : MountainForest

Starting point

1337 D909
73590 La Giettaz
Lat : 45.862416Lng : 6.495464
0 m
204 d
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Shuttle Bus

The free shuttle service named Giett’Bus links your accomodation...Read more

Lat : 45.861747Lng : 6.494916
0 m
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En haut du village de la Giettaz

D909 73590 La giettaz
Lat : 45.862562Lng : 6.494759
0 m
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La Giettaz church

The church of La Giettaz, dedicated to Saint Pierre-aux-Liens, was...Read more

Lat : 45.862408Lng : 6.49527
1120 m
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Chapelle des Nants

D909 73590 La giettaz
Lat : 45.8639Lng : 6.496619
0 m
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Museum - A la Rencontre du Passé

Display of traditional Savoie costumes, a woodwork workshop and a...Read more

Lat : 45.862192Lng : 6.495017
1110 m
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Oratoire des Clapieres

D909 73590 La giettaz
Lat : 45.873719Lng : 6.490861
0 m
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Chapelle des Nants

Little chapel located at the place known as L'Abbaye and which is...Read more

Lat : 45.865498Lng : 6.496498
0 m
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"La Gardette" Farm

On-site production and sale of Reblochon, Tomme and Raclette cheeses. Visits...Read more

Lat : 45.868975Lng : 6.492577
0 m
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Oratoire des Clapières

The Oratoire des Clapières is the only wayside cross to have...Read more

Lat : 45.873702Lng : 6.490999
0 m

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From 15/12 to 15/04.

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Accessibility possible via the Giett'Bus (Le Village stop).
Opening hours at the Tourist Office.
Departure from the trail at the Tourist Office.