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PR 27 "Noisy le Grand" loop – a circular walk

PR 27 "Noisy le Grand" loop – a circular walk

Credit : CDRP 93-CR

This urban rambling enable you to discover the city of Noisy-le-Grand, a new modern and functional city including an old center completely renovated in the purest tradition with fountains, streams, jets and water games, without forgetting the vineyard of closed Saint-Vincent and the Saint-Paul church Nations. Noisy Le Grand also includes many contemporary architectural creations such as the spaces of Abraxas, the Picasso bullring, the Michel Simon space.

15 km
5 h
max. 113 m
min. 35 m
215 m
-215 m

Altimetric profile

Style : Hiking
Public : Occasional hikersExperienced hikers
Theme : Patrimony

Starting point

Promenade des Mares Dimanches
93160 Noisy-le-Grand
Lat : 48.8418Lng : 2.54971
142 d
image du poi

To get to "place Pablo Picasso"

Headtrail: RER A – Noisy Mont d’Est station. Cross the "avenue du Pavé Neuf" after "place Neptune", keep walking on the left through "allée André Malraux". Turn on the left and take "allée Pablo Neruda" to "place Georges Pompidou". Take "Victor Jara" walk to "place Pablo Picasso".

Promenade des Mares Dimanches 93160 Noisy-le-grand
Lat : 48.8419Lng : 2.54973
n/a m
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/ 3 years / 0 m

6 Place des Fédérés 93160 Noisy-le-Grand
Lat : 48.840105Lng : 2.543013
96 m
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Take Picasso walk to square Constantin Balmont. Take the footbridge crossing the A4 highway then turn left on "rue Vauban" and turn left "avenue du Fort". Take "rue Octave Lapize" on the right to "place du Combat".

4 Place Pablo Picasso 93160 Noisy-le-grand
Lat : 48.8384Lng : 2.5554
n/a m
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/ 3 years / 0 m

2 Rue de l'Église 93160 Noisy-le-Grand
Lat : 48.850964Lng : 2.547863
61 m
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The Water mirror

The Water Mirror is a 1 metre deep water-basin in a quiet spot that...Read more

9 Rue du Miroir d'Eau 93160 Noisy-le-Grand
Lat : 48.852094Lng : 2.549665
52 m
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Take "avenue Médéric" on the left to the crossroads, turn right on "rue Paul Serelle" use the bridge to cross the railway, turn left "rue Beau Site", take impasse Gilbert Bataille, and then avenue Paul Vaillant Couturier to the SNCF RER Yvris train station.

3 Place du Combat 93160 Noisy-le-grand
Lat : 48.8298Lng : 2.56331
n/a m
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To get to Yvris park

Climb the stairs, pass in front of the station, go down on the left. Go straight to "rue de Louvain". Turn right on "rue du Layon" to "chemin des Chênes" and turn right on "chemin de la Noisette". Cross "avenue des Graviers" and follow the marking in the Yvris Park.

93160 Noisy-le-grand
Lat : 48.823Lng : 2.57982
n/a m
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To get to "Butte verte" park

Cross "Avenue Médéric" and go straight through "rue du Ballon". Turn right and take "boulevard des Astronautes" to "Butte Verte" Park. Cross the park thanks to the footbridge.

3 Rue du Ballon 93160 Noisy-le-grand
Lat : 48.8299Lng : 2.58141
n/a m
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To get to RER A station

Follow yellow marking in the park to "rue de la Butte Verte". Take "promenade Michel Simon" and turn right on "allée Jean Renoir" to the RER A Noisy Champs train station

1 Allée du Closeau 93160 Noisy-le-grand
Lat : 48.8355Lng : 2.57792
n/a m
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the districts of "Champy" and "Marnois"

Follow "allée jean Renoir" on the left, turn right on "rue des verts Batons" then turn left on "rue des Hauts Chateaux" and go straight to "rue Maréchal Juin" and "rue du Marnois". At the crossroads, take "impasse Chilpéric" (second street to your left). Turn left on "rue Rouget de Lisle". Turn right on "rue du Docteur Sureau" and turn right on "rue du Cygne" then turn left on "allée des Petits Jardins".

93160 Noisy-le-grand
Lat : 48.8425Lng : 2.57792
n/a m
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Artists Garden and the city hall

Turn on the left to "Clos Saint Vincent" walk then turn left on "jardin des Artistes" and on the right on "allée des Aquarelles". Take a right turn on "rue de la République" to "esplanade Nelson Mandela". Turn left on "avenue Aristide Briand" to "place de la Libération" located in front of the city hall. Turn left on "rue George Laigneau".

7 Rue des Cygnes 93160 Noisy-le-grand
Lat : 48.8435Lng : 2.55357
n/a m
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Cross "boulevard Paul Pambrun" and follow "promenade François Mittérand". Turn left on "rue du Miroir d’Eau" to "place de Repos". Turn right on "rue des Sport" and go straight towards "allee de la Grotte". Turn right "allée Caroline", left "allée de Maintenon" and left "allée des Belles Vues" to the dock of the Marne River.

13 Rue Georges Laigneau 93160 Noisy-le-grand
Lat : 48.85Lng : 2.55134
n/a m
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The banks of the Marne River

On the left follow "quai de la Marne" and keep walking on "quai de la Rive Charmante" to "avenue du baron Louis".

77 Quai de la Marne 93160 Noisy-le-grand
Lat : 48.8537Lng : 2.56285
n/a m
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Go back to RER A Noisy Mont d’Est train station

Follow "avenue du baron Louis", on left "avenue du Général Grundler". Take right on "avenue des Marronniers". Turn left "rue de la baignade" to Saint Sulpice church. Take "rue Gambetta" and then on "rue Brossolette" on the right. Once you reach "place de la Résistance", turn left on "rue Docteur Sureau" and "route de Villiers", cross the Salvador Allende park on the right. Turn left on "rue Galilée" and then on "boulevard du Mont d’Est". At the roundabout "Porte des Ecoliers", go straight to RER A Noisy Mont d’Est train station.

29 Quai de la Rive Charmante 93160 Noisy-le-grand
Lat : 48.8527Lng : 2.54224
n/a m