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Quartier Henri IV - Place d'Armes
77300 Fontainebleau
01 60 39 60 39
The Cuvier Châtillon rocks

The Cuvier Châtillon rocks

To return to Bois-le-Roi from Barbizon, reenter the forest along Allée aux Vaches. From here on, the itinerary will no longer follow tarred roads. At the Bas Bréau crossroads, continue opposite along the road from Barbizon to Fontainebleau, then a little further on, at the corner of a fenced plot of land, turn left onto Route de la Solitude. This aptly named road will lead you to the D607, which you pass under via the tunnel. After passing under the secondary road, head towards the car park and turn immediately right onto Route Mory de Neuflieux. At the first intersection, turn left onto Route de Bellevue to access the Cuvier Châtillon rocks, a popular rock-climbing spot. But don’t exhaust yourself here bouldering, for the itinerary’s biggest challenge is just around the corner… Snake among the rocks to join a steep and winding white-stone path. At the top, turn immediately right to follow Route Tournante du Cuvier Châtillon. At the first intersection, turn right again onto Route du Cuvier Chatillon. Follow this grassy, sandy path in the direction of the Mare à Piat pond, continuing straight on at the first intersections you come to.

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Route de Bellevue
77300 Fontainebleau
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