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Quartier Henri IV - Place d'Armes
77300 Fontainebleau
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Bois-le-Roi: Seine riverbanks and recreation park

Bois-le-Roi: Seine riverbanks and recreation park

To cross over the Seine, take the ramp that turns and climbs up to the dam footbridge. Careful: the dam footbridge is rather narrow and the ground can be slippery in rainy weather, so don’t hesitate to walk over. After crossing the Seine, if you’d like to head to the Bois-le-Roi railway station, turn right onto Quai Olivier Métra and continue on to the bridge. At the bridge, take the path passing under the bridge below the quay; don’t hesitate to walk this section for the path is rather steep. Pass under the bridge then climb immediately back up, onto Quai de la Ruelle. After a few dozen metres, turn left onto Rue Chantemerle heading up; to reach the railway station, turn left at the top of Rue Chantemerle. After the bridge over the Seine, if you’d like to continue on to the southern portion of this loop, to explore Fontainebleau and Barbizon before returning to the Bois-le-Roi railway station (1-day excursion), turn left onto Rue de l'Île Saint-Pierre after a few dozen metres. At the end of the street, turn right onto gently climbing Rue Demeufve, then immediately left onto Rue de Tournezy. Enter the Bois-le-Roi recreation park, a pretty spot perfect for a refreshing swim (closed at night). Within the park, continue straight on, passing by the reception and the equestrian centre. Before the swimming area, turn right onto the tarred, arcing road. At the end of this road, turn right at the roundabout onto another tarred road. Continue straight on to exit the park.

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