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Passy Nature Reserve
Passy Nature Reserve
Passy Nature Reserve

Passy Nature Reserve

Facing the Mont-Blanc range, Passy Nature Reserve overlooks the Arve Valley.
The reserve is a nature jewel that links Sixt Fer à Cheval Nature Reserve and Aiguilles Rouges Nature Reserve.
Area: 1800 ha
Altitude: 1300 to 2900 m
The Nature Reserve in Passy resumes the history of the mountains in Haute-Savoie:
- Natural environment:
Mineral contrasts, grasslands, heathlands, wetlands and numerous alpine species
- Fauna: chamois, ibex, eagles, marmots, grouse, ptarmigan, bearded eagles.
- Flora: 530 species have been identified including the St. Bruno lily, Martagon lily or Turk's cap moss campion.
- Flies : hover flies, excellent indicators for scientists.
Biodiversity: Clearing operations in Pormenaz to assess biodiversity.

Technical information

Maison de la Réserve naturelle 321 chemin des Parchets Plaine-Joux
74190 Passy
Lat : 45.950404Lng : 6.734662
0 m
36 d

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Throughout the year : open daily.

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